Post-Harvest Training of Potato in Bamyan

Training Accomplished

  • How to collect soil samples and process at farmers’ fields before sending for testing.
  • Importance of soil testing and fertilizer recommendations based on this.
  • Smart irrigation with limited water using drip and sprinkler systems.
  • Raising of onion nursery for transplanted onion cultivation.
  • Best management practices for potato cultivation.
  • Best management practices for onion cultivation.
  • Responsible use of agricultural chemicals.
  • Use of poly-house for controlled cultivations and nursery rising.
  • Post-harvest handling of potato crop.
  • Post-harvest handling of onion crop.
  • Value addition of potato by sorting and grading.
  • Value addition of onion by sorting and grading.
  • How to link farm produce with markets.
  • Utility of farmers’ group formation for aggregation of produce.
  • Trainings to Project Management Unit (PMU) and Project Implement Unit (PIU) of MAIL.
  • Training on agribusiness models to MAIL.
  • Training on Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) to MAIL.
  • Training on impact assessment to MAIL. 
  • Correct ways to store potato at farmers’ place.
  • Correct ways to store onion at farmers’ place.
  • Proper use of farm equipments and machineries.


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