Post-Harvest Training of Potato in Bamyan

Pre-Harvest Training

  • Soil Sampling and Processing: For precise and correct analysis and fertilizer recommendation

  • Running the Soil Testing Laboratories: For judicious use of fertilizers

  • Analysis of Agrochemicals: Fertilizers, Pesticides and Herbicides quality assessment

  • Integrated Pest management: Minimizing the environmental hazards

  • Bio-fertilizer production: Utilization of local resources

  • Integrated Nutrient Management: Keeping the soil health good

  • Quality seed production: Making the good seed available locally

  • Tissue Culture: Increasing the availability of true planting materials

  • Use and selection of appropriate farm tools and implements

  • Farm Diversification: Helping sustainability and bio diversity

  • Use and maintenance of farm equipments

  • Micro-irrigation systems

  • Proper harvesting of crops: Care to be taken and precautions



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