Post-Harvest Training of Potato in Bamyan

Center of Excellence For Agriculture Skill Development (CEAD)


Afghanistan is a land locked country located in Hindukush Himalayas. Population of Afghanistan is about 27.5 millions spread over an area of 6, 47,500 sq. km probably with least population density in Asia. Afghanistan has 45 per cent of its population below the age of 14 years and about 53 per cent between 15 to 64 years, the youth population in the country is large enough but unfortunately workforce is very small. Not only the work force but the overall skill hands in various fields be it agriculture and allied sector, handicraft, artisans and capacity resources are very low. This situation is due to very low rate of literacy and lack of skill development centers, training institutes. Afghanistan could be world leader of dry fruits, organic & temperate fruits and vegetables for which efforts in right earnest are required to be made right now which shall not only boost the national economy but shall also channelize the youth in the proper direction.



To act as a center of excellence for skill development in the field of agriculture and food processing sectors and develops testing facilities for agricultural inputs and food products.



To create world class facility for research and development, demonstration and training for the development of agriculture and food processing sectors with following objectives:

  • Set up world class laboratory for testing soil, water and agro-chemicals.
  • To act as a center of excellence for imparting quality education and practical training.
  • Prioritizing innovative & sustainable agricultural value chains for regional & global competitiveness for exclusive development.
  • Introduction of new and remunerative crops and or varieties of existing crops in Afghanistan after adaptation trials and standardization. 
  • To establish model demonstration farms to disseminate farm technologies and rural development strategies for nutritional and food security.
  • To act as a coordination unit for the farming community with special focus on women, rural youth, line developmental departments.
  • To disseminate agricultural market information to farming communities through well designed portal. 
  • To provide advisory and consultancy services to the farming community, developmental departments and other governmental agencies.
  • To facilitate investors with support from government institutions.
  • To organize seminars / workshops and develop needed policy papers on different aspects of skill up gradation and rural development in agriculture sector.
  • To undertake other similar rural developmental activities needed in the agricultural & allied sectors.



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