Post-Harvest Training of Potato in Bamyan

AAS Introduction

Established in 2006, Afghan Agro Services (AAS) is an Afghan-owned and managed agricultural products and services provider formally registered with Afghanistan Investment Support Agency. Afghan Agro Services (AAS) services are aimed at building the capacity of public and private sectors, the farmer’s cooperatives/associations, agriculture extension workers, individual farmers and communities in good agriculture and livestock practices, marketing, environment and forestry. 

Our programs are aimed at enhancing economic wellbeing of our communities by increasing their per capita income. We seek to align our programs and services with achieving UN Sustainable Development Goals for Afghanistan, benchmarks of the Afghanistan National Development Strategy and the strategic and programmatic priorities of the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock (MAIL) of the GoIRA.  
AAS has built a team of highly qualified R&D experts, both national and international, that utilizes innovation, knowledge and experience to support the Afghan farmers to adopt modern agricultural techniques, crop diversification, access to and knowledge of markets and knowhow of value addition to get higher prices for their yields. This will enhance their lives and livelihoods, provide licit alternative to poppy cultivation and contribute to the agriculture and economic development of the country. We help farmers/producers in enhancing their capabilities, business and income with customized and to the context specific programs and products that provide a sustainable solution to their problems. 

- Vision

To transform the orthodox nature of agriculture sector and practices currently being adopted in
Afghanistan into an agriculturally rich nation where its farmers and producers are self reliant, highly skilled and are equipped with up-to-date agricultural techniques and practices so that it optimizes the potential it has in agriculture and meet its economies of scale both in the scale of production and quality of the produces.

- Mission

AAS is a high standard modern enterprise in Afghanistan aims at providing quality agricultural services and products, developing sustainable agriculture programs, and strengthening the capacity of farmers and producers and the relationship between the sellers and buyers.

- Core Values

Afghan Agro Services (ASS) is committed to conducting its business in accordance with the highest standards of business ethics, which fully conform to our mission, vision and organizational philosophy. The following represent our Core Values and Beliefs:

  • Honesty and Integrity:
  • Competitiveness  and Effectiveness:
  • Commitment and Deliverance:
  • Availability and Responsibility:



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